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Meet Alonso

Workforce Challenge

Alonso was a general foreman who became unemployed in June, 2016. Along with being unemployed, Alonso was faced with enduring a difficult personal situation. While unemployed he was selected by unemployment to attend a Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment(RESEA) orientation at the Adams County Workforce and Business Center(WBC). During his job search, Alonso was able to find many employers who were willing to hire him, but they offered less than 50% of what he had previously earned.

Workforce Solution

During Alonso's RESEA appointment, the career services representative explained the services offered at the WBC and identified Alonso as a good candidate for the Workforce, Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program. Alonso enrolled in the program and began working with a case manager to assist in his reemployment. He attended the Resume and Cover Letter workshops where he created a resume and posted it on his Connecting Colorado profile. He continued to job search and work with his case manager, who provided career counseling and assisted with job search. In January, 2017, Alonso exhausted his unemployment benefits and found himself still searching for employment. His case manager provided information on how to apply for food assistance.

Outcomes & Benefits

Finally, in April, 2017, he resolved his personal issue and was able to fully focus on job searching. He met with his case manager and received a referral and assistance to complete the online application the same day. In less than one week, he was offered a general foreman position paying the same wage he earned prior to becoming unemployed. Alonso contacted his case manager to thank her for all of the assistance she provided during this difficult time in his life.

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