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Workforce Challenge

Mr. A. came to JobNet after completing work on a construction project. He described his occupation as a plumber but more specialized as a Licensed Fire Sprinkler Installer. He was interested in moving on in the same line of work. When asked for a resume he said, “Never had a resume.” When asked if he had computer skills to source job leads on the internet and to communicate by e-mail, he stated that he did not use computers and did not have an e-mail address.

Workforce Solution

Over a period of 8 weeks Mr. A took a number of workshops on computer use, resume development, e-mail set-up, online job search and completing online job applications. He received coaching assistance and used Career Center resources to enable him to source jobs and electronically respond to employers with his resume and credentials. The world of technology-driven job searching was a brand new one for Mr. A., but he was willing to try.

Outcomes & Benefits

Mr. A found a posting on the internet for a Fire Sprinkler Technician. He e-mailed his resume, “survived” a telephone screening, interviewed at the employer’s site and got the job. He called his counselor at the Career Center to thank him for the support. He added, “They provided me with a truck to make my rounds, and it has a GPS installed in it. Now I’ll have to learn how to use that!” Noting the technology help provided by the career center, he added “Should be a breeze!”

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