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Adams County Workforce and Business Center

Meet Sasha

Workforce Challenge

Sasha was lost after quitting his job as a supervisor/driver. He had been there for five years and still only earned an hourly wage with no overtime pay. His goal was always to pursue his CDLA so he could earn higher wages, but due to his extensive CBI he was not able to do so before. He needed to wait 10 years because of his past offenses. He went to Excel Driving school, and was referred to WFC as he did not have a way to pay for his training.

Workforce Solution

Sasha came to the WFC and the committee was concerned about his marketability with his CBI. His case manager called and spoke to employers, who indicated that ultimately he should be able to find employment despite his extensive CBI. He was approved. The cap for funding was at $3000, but his training cost $4000. Therefore, since WIOA could not cover the difference, we looked at other ways of assisting. Because he was receiving SNAP benefits at the time, we were able to co-enroll him with the Advancement Plus program to cover the difference in his tuition. Through braided funding he was able to achieve his training goal.

Outcomes & Benefits

Sasha was determined and completed his training as scheduled with no extensions needed and was working a short time later, making 43% more. Once he received his first paycheck and was financially stable again, he no longer needed to rely on the support of SNAP which was his initial goal all along. Sasha is happily employed and stated he is no longer in need of WFC or SNAP assistance.

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