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CDLE - Southeast Workforce Center

Meet Manuel

Workforce Challenge

Through the course of talking with staff at the WFC it was discovered that Manuel was 21 years old and had dropped out of high school. He had not looked into getting his high school equivalency completed at that time, and he still lived at home with his mother and would need to borrow the family vehicle in order to get to work once he was able to secure employment. Manuel was found eligible for the WIOA Out of School Youth Program and was enrolled in order to gain work experience.

Workforce Solution

This was a true coaching opportunity for his career coach. She was able to sit down with him and talk to him about the need to be on time and prepared, she counseled him about getting enough rest as well as proper hygiene. She also took the opportunity to work with him on his resume to assist him once his work experience had ended. A few days later Manuel had his interview and the employer was willing to hire him, Manuel explained that in the meantime he had taken a part time job at a local sale barn. The employer was looking for someone to work full time and was not interested in following through with the work experience at that time.

Outcomes & Benefits

After a month had passed, Manuel’s job with the sale barn came to an end & he once again approached his career coach needing assistance. He was counseled on the importance of following through with his outlined plan of action. Manuel took it upon himself to contact the feed yard employer directly and ask for another chance; the feed yard let him know that they would follow through with the original 160 hour work experience. Manuel has been employed at the feed yard for over six months & his supervisor is very happy with him.

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