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Workforce Challenge

John*, an older gentleman, was referred to the Parental Responsibility Initiative for the Development of Employment (PRIDE) program because he was delinquent in the payment of court ordered child support. This employment development program located in the One Stop provides case management to help individuals become job ready and obtain employment. John had never graduated from high school nor did he have his GED. This was a barrier to employment for him.

Workforce Solution

When asked, John stated that he had always wanted to get his GED. John was referred to the Adult Learning Center (ALC), a partner program, where he enrolled. He knew that the GED was a minimum requirement for a job that would pay well enough for him to meet his child support obligation. John finished all his classes, testing, and received his GED certificate right before Christmas. He said it was the best Christmas present he had ever received. He is even planning on going through the graduation exercises in the spring! John is now working with the PRIDE Case Manager seeking employment.

Outcomes & Benefits

John is required to make a designated number of job contacts every week. The PRIDE Case Manager advises John on the completion of job applications, helped him get a resume in order, and points John in the direction of jobs that are currently open in his community. John is working hard seeking employment and with his brushed up skills and new self confidence, he is sure to find a job soon.

*To protect the identity of the participant, the name followed by an asterisk is fictitious.

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