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Meet John

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Workforce Challenge

John is legally blind and has scoliosis. Due to his disabilities, John has faced many challenges to employment. Recently, John was hired as a cook and even went through an unpaid day of job shadowing. Unfortunately, the facility didn’t have the proper utensils required to accommodate John’s disabilities (such as measuring cups with legible lines, etc). When John called them to confirm his schedule he was told he wasn’t actually hired and that they were still interviewing others.

Workforce Solution

They said they would get back to him. They never did. He called them back to check the status of the position and was told that they wouldn’t be hiring him since he was “too slow.”

John worked one-on-one with Michigan Works staff members Jennifer and Shelly to build his resume, receive computer assistance, get help calling job leads, and get help with online applications. With his persistence and the employment services help that Michigan Works provided, John was able to secure temporary employment at Lowe’s making 23% more than he previously did per hour. He is hopeful that the position will turn into a permanent one.

Outcomes & Benefits

John said, "After first walking into Michigan Works before getting laid off I was impressed with staff. I hadn’t even applied for UIA yet, but they gave me all kinds of encouragement to seek employment and helped me with the computer because I couldn’t see the screen. They made sure I had access to other sites to seek work as well as PTMC. They were very knowledgeable on many aspects of job hunting. They were very patient helping me every time I came in, even when I came in and they were assisting other customers."

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