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Meet Susan

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Workforce Challenge

In 2016, Susan relocated to Grayling, MI, from Texas. Once here, she had no means of transportation and was staying with a friend while looking for a job and housing. Susan also hadn’t worked in quite a while, so getting back into the workforce was a bit scary, and she was concerned she lacked the skills employers were looking for. Without a home computer, Susan had no way to brush up on her computer skills or job search online, so in July 2016, she began coming to Michigan Works.

Workforce Solution

Talent Specialist Crystal helped Susan update her resume, regain computer skills, perform online job searches, and prepare for potential interviews. Though Susan received many rejections from employers, Crystal continued to coach Susan and encouraged her to keep applying for jobs. While continuing to work with Susan, Crystal learned that she earned a certificate in Medical Coding & Billing. With Crystal’s suggestion, Susan applied for a medical receptionist position at a local doctor’s office within walking distance of her new home. During the interview with the doctor, Susan spoke of her training in medical coding and billing and how she never found a job using those skills. The doctor was thrilled and hired her right then!

Outcomes & Benefits

After several months of trying to find employment, and several rejections, she landed a job at a doctor’s office using skills she was trained for at Kirtland Community College--skills she hadn’t even considered putting to use! The doctor is affiliated with Munson Hospital, which could possibly lead to future career growth and advancement for Susan. Susan said that coming to the Michigan Works office gave her a reason to get up and get out of the house to look for a job.

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