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Rural Consortium-Upper Arkansas

Meet Tom

Workforce Challenge

Tom worked for a manufacturing company in Colorado Springs for 28 years thinking he would work there until he retired in just a few years. Tom was used to the one hundred-four mile round-trip commute that totaled over two hours. He was also comfortable with the hard work in the factory and thought he would do that type of work until the golden years of retirement finally arrived.
He was wrong.
Tom, like many others in this still-struggling economic climate, found himself abruptly downsized into a depressed job market with few real opportunities for a seasoned maintenance employee like himself. He did not have a resume, had no computer skills, and did not have any current job-searching skills. Computers were not even in the job-seeking picture when he landed his last job almost three decades earlier; now everyone was telling him he needed to go online to search and apply for jobs.
Tom was confused and worried.
Tom spent weeks hitting the streets of Cañon City looking for work like he had so many years previously but was unable to find a job. Tom’s employment future was looking bleak as his severance from his former company was rapidly running out.

Workforce Solution

Tom came to the Cañon City Workforce Center looking for help in an employment world he no longer knew or understood.
The first step was to help Tom enroll in the Colorado Unemployment Insurance program to gain access to his unemployment benefits. Next was participating in the Successful Resume Strategies workshop at the Cañon City Workforce Center, where workforce center staff helped Tom create a sharp, professional looking resume on high-quality paper.

Outcomes & Benefits

For the first time, Tom worked on workforce center computers and became well versed in on-line job search and application techniques. Armed with his new tools, Tom resumed his job search anew and was able to secure employment as a maintenance person at a local health care facility.
Tom says, “I might not have been able to find a job if it were not for the patience and guidance from Cañon City Workforce Center’s staff, the Successful Resume Strategies workshop, and the Resource Center computers. Now I have a job that is just a few minutes from my home! Thank you, Cañon City Workforce Center for all your help.”

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