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CDLE- Montrose Workforce Center

Meet Ashleigh

Workforce Challenge

Being a single mother has many challenges. Ashleigh came into the Montrose Workforce Center seeking to advance her career in health care. As a single mother of two very young children, Ashleigh also found herself going through a legal separation from her husband. In an effort to help, Workforce Center Staff connected her with the WIOA Youth Job Training program for additional assistance and training. The Training Advantage is the WIOA Youth Service provider for the Western Workforce Region and manages the WIOA Youth program located in the Workforce Center. Ashleigh was working as a Qualified Medication Administration Personal at an assisted living facility in the area and was getting little financial support from her husband.

Workforce Solution

Workforce Center staff quickly realized that Ashleigh had the drive to succeed. She was assisted through the WIOA Youth program starting in July, 2016. The nursing career ladder was the best option for her. She enrolled into the WIOA job training program, which paid for her certified nurse aide class and where she continued a required pre-requisite step in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). She continued to work part-time to support herself and her family by often working days and weekends while taking a 6-week certified nursing program. Simultaneously, she coached a high school girls’ baseball team this summer and fall to help supplement her income while traveling throughout the state for tournaments.

Outcomes & Benefits

Ashleigh has successfully completed the CNA program at the local technical college and is currently preparing for her CNA state certification exam. She is proud of this accomplishment, but realizes that this is just the first step in succeeding as a nurse. She plans on earning her CNA certification soon and taking her final pre-requisite course, anatomy and physiology, for the LPN program starting in January 2017. She optimistically looks forward to attending LPN training in the fall of 2017. Additionally, Ashleigh has shown her ambition and strong work skills to her employer as she was recently named Employee of the Month and given the promotion to Supervisor of Resident Relations. The promotion also gave her a nearly 40% raise.

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