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Xceldyne Technologies

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Workforce Challenge

Xceldyne Technologies had solid footing in their region, as many NASCAR teams (their core customer) were based nearby. However, there were unexplored sales opportunities both elsewhere in the US in other types of racing, and even globally. The sales teams were not thinking beyond their immediate territories and finding these opportunities. A major shift was needed to help staff focus their efforts on potential business outside the region so that the company could grow into a strategic-minded enterprise. An integration of communication and technology was critical to attract these new markets. There was much to be done, and the company wasn't sure where to start.

Workforce Solution

Through consultation, DavidsonWorks Business Services assisted in defining the business need, developing an action plan and identifying Incumbent Worker Grant dollars to support the endeavor. DavidsonWorks also helped find a training vendor who specialized in transforming a sales department.

The training centered on understanding the sales process, territory planning, and sales execution techniques to target & obtain additional market share. Staff learned strategic planning, relationship building, buyer's shift, strategies for capturing new business, ROI analysis, overcoming objections and using internet marketing strategies. The sales staff welcomed the new tools that would help them meet their own goals along with the company's.

Outcomes & Benefits

Since the Sales Department transformation, Xceldyne Technologies has gained market share in line with its strategic plan and its revenue was up more than 15% in 2010. The sales department has been restructured to include integrated teams including Market Segment Leaders, Technical Sales Reps, Technical Sales Support, Customer Service Reps, and Outside Technical Sales Reps. Each team is comprised of employees with the greatest expertise in each particular market segment.

"Internally we have adopted a mindset of continuous improvement, both in manufacturing and customer service. Our staff adapts daily to current market conditions, processes, and advances in technology," said the Sales Director. "Much of our business is accomplished in a boardroom full of high paid engineers with blueprints, contracts, and conditions. Because of the restructuring, we can more easily work with this new breed of high tech customers."

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