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Meet Zack

Workforce Challenge

Zack has been unemployed for several months and felt his barriers to employment were communication skills. Due to this he has not had very many jobs.

Workforce Solution

By attending job search support classes with the Adams County Employment First Program, Zack was prepared on how to dress for interviews, how to fill out applications, how to write resumes and how to interview. Zack was also volunteering at the ARC and Bud's Warehouse. This experience helped him to gain and enhance skills that he didn't think he had. It also helped him to work on his communication skills. Zack attended several of the Adams County Employment First Job Opportunity Fairs where he was able to apply and fill out applications for hiring employers, interview with them on the spot and provide his resume.

Outcomes & Benefits

Zack has been volunteering at Buds Warehouse since March of 2016. As of July 2016, Zack was offered a full time Warehouse Associate position with Bud's Warehouse. This is a huge success for Zack, who is very quiet and keeps to himself. In the past couple of months Zack's confidence has grown by participating with the Adams County Employment First Program and volunteering at Bud's Warehouse. Zack will have future success with his job with the tools and job search support provided to him.

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