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Workforce Boulder County

Meet Deborah

Workforce Challenge

Deborah holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Denver, and worked as a successful software engineer for 18 years. She left the workforce to raise her children, and when she returned to the to the workforce, she found that her computer skills had become outdated. In addition to lacking self-esteem, Deborah was lacking current job references, and she wasn't savvy to the latest job-hunting techniques. She was consistently applying for work, but was not finding success.

Workforce Solution

Deborah came to Workforce Boulder County (WfBC) to ask for help. The WIOA program paid for her to attend Web Development classes at Front Range Community College. Deborah still needed some current work experience and work-related references, so she became a ReHire Internship participant, and landed an internship with the Workforce Center Business Development team. This opportunity allowed Deborah to use her technical knowledge and experience to enhance her self-esteem. Deborah was able to gain support and encouragement from the Workforce staff. She got job search help and created an updated and impressive resume.

Outcomes & Benefits

As a result of WfBC's help, including the internship, positive references, and effective job search skills, Deborah was able to land a great job. She is currently working as a Software Project Specialist in the medical industry. She is leading state-of-the-art projects involving the development of Universal Health Care Records. Deborah said, "WfBC was there for me when I needed them - for encouragement, training, and internship opportunities. I wouldn't be where I am today without their help."

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