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Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Right Place, Right Time

Workforce Challenge

Veteran Emma Breitbarth was laid off from her job as a Learning Support Representative at a construction manufacturing plant in March, 2009. She tried to find suitable employment that would match her job skills and education level in the local area (within driving distance). After searching for several months during this economic downturn, she could not find comparable employment in the private sector. Mrs. Breitbarth visited the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) for assistance in finding a new job.

Workforce Solution

At the time of Mrs. Breitbart's visit, MDES had just implemented the Mississippi Subsidized Transitional Employment Program and Services (MS STEPS). MS STEPS provides a wage and benefit subsidy to employers who provide an hourly wage and a transferable work skill to eligible participants. The addition of this program created a job opening at MDES for a program administrator.

In a case of being in the right place at the right time, Mrs. Breitbarth met the requirements of the position and she applied. During her interview the interviewers determined that Mrs. Breitbarth not only had the credentials but also the personality to perform this job with minimal training.

Outcomes & Benefits

Mrs. Breitbarth was employed by MDES on March 1st of 2010, where she continues to enjoy her work and perform well in her new public sector career.

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