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Meet Leivy

Workforce Challenge

Leivy worked as a sheet metal worker for 30-plus years and retired in 2004. He was living off retirement income and could barely afford his living expenses. He stated he could not go back to work as a sheet metal worker anymore because he retired from the Union. If he went back to the union, it would cause him to lose his benefits. He also could not obtain employment through another union because it would void his retirement benefit. Leivy had no other trade skills.

Workforce Solution

Leivy pursued his CDLA license so he could obtain livable wages right out of training with no previous experience in the transportation industry.

Outcomes & Benefits

Leivy graduated with his CDLA and was able to find local employment. He is not only supplementing his retirement income, but he is also able to find long-term employment that he can see himself at until he retires as a CDLA driver.

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