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Meet Susan

Workforce Challenge

Susan came into our WFC in June, 2015. She lost her last permanent job as a Software Testing Engineer in 2007 and had been doing contract work since.

Although she has degree in the field and 17+ years of experience, she couldn't secure full time work. She came in seeking assistance with tuition to obtain coding training from a Bootcamp through Davinci Coders.

Workforce Solution

Susan received a WOIA scholarship and completed her training in December 2015.

When Susan came to the WIOA program, her budget was very tight. Although she was receiving Unemployment, there was no way she could have afforded this training on her own. By receiving the scholarship, she was able to get the skills that allowed her to go back into the workforce and secure a full time position after being unemployed or on contract status for so long.

Outcomes & Benefits

A month after completing training Susan reported to her case manager that she secured employment with a company that refused to even consider her for an interview in the past. She stated, “This same company, same department, would not interview me last May 2015, yet interviewed me in November 2015, and then again in January 2016, due to the recent coding experience from the bootcamp training.”

“Thank you SO Much!!”

Susan’s story is a perfect example of the impact WIOA could have on some dislocated worker

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