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Larimer County Workforce Center

Meet Samantha

Workforce Challenge

Samantha recently exited successfully from WIOA services after participating for many years. It has been a very long road for Samantha as she faced multiple barriers including being a single parent, dropping out high school, and having several limiting criminal charges on her background.

Workforce Solution

With a lot of work, Samantha earned her GED (first in her family to do so). We then began a long journey of identifying a career pathway for her. There were several bumps including learning the nature of her criminal charges would unfortunately limit her at least for several more years from working in her chosen career field (special needs populations). We switched gears several times, which ended in her completing a successful internship in an administrative capacity at a local lawn treatment company. We shot for this internship so that we could work with an employer AROUND Samantha's criminal charges to get her foot in the door. Her end goal was to work in an admin capacity at an organization that assisted others (as close as we could get).

Outcomes & Benefits

The biggest success for Samantha is just a few weeks ago she worked hard to win a fully benefited position working in an administrative role at the City of Fort Collins! They stated specifically it was her internship experience, forethought in getting trained in Microsoft Office, and her honesty in explaining her background charges that won her the position. It has been such a long road to get her here and never once did she give up!

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