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Meet Vanessa

Workforce Challenge

Vanessa was laid off from a telecommunications company after seven years of employment. She was a customer service agent. She only had a high school diploma and could not find a job even close to her previous salary. She had three kids, and her husband worked two jobs. They were on food stamps and Medicaid.

Workforce Solution

Vanessa was eligible for TAA and WIA benefits. TAA paid for her tuition to attend school for an AAS degree in Respiratory Therapy. WIA provided gas cards to assist with the cost of transportation to and from school. WIA also paid for one of the classes she had to retake. When her UI benefits became exhausted, she received TRA benefits to help sustain her financially while in school. Her husband still worked 2 jobs while she was in school.

Outcomes & Benefits

Vanessa graduated in May, 2015 (AAS degree) and received her Respiratory Therapy license in July, 2015. In August, 2015, she was hired as a Respiratory Therapist by a Denver hospital where she now earns more than she made at her previous job in customer service. She is no longer on food stamps and loves her new career.

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