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Livingston County Michigan Works!

Brighton NC Machine

Workforce Challenge

Since early 2013, Brighton NC Machine (BNC) has been working to become a preferred supplier for automotive manufacturers. This has required the company to move beyond providing expert machining solutions on a small scale to capabilities of running serial manufacturing 24-7. To do this competitively, BNC needs to improve their plant-machine maintenance procedures with the Machine Maintenance (MM) Team of seven, as well as their production Machine Operators and Machinists. The MM Team services nearly 80 CNC machines, additional machining centers and support machines which run on all three shifts.

Workforce Solution

In collaboration with Michigan Works! and incorporating the recent Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s (MMTC) ‘Total Productive Maintenance Kaizen’ class, Machine Maintenance personnel and representatives from all three shifts, including Supervisors, Managers, Machinists and Machine Operators, worked together to develop and implement TPM procedures on the floor. The Kaizen focus was to completely clean and inspect four CNC lathes, to make any/all necessary repairs during the event or within 30 days, to integrate 5S into the work areas, and to develop/implement a tightening, lubricating and cleaning standard for all of the machines.

Outcomes & Benefits

Through the STTF grant, return on investment for BNC includes, but is not limited to the following: potential new sales of $40,000,000, anticipated retained sales of $25,000,000, an expected cost savings of $78,000+, and two additional maintenance personnel jobs created.

On the training itself, new Machine Maintenance Technician Scott commented, “This class expanded my abilities to interact with production personnel and improve communications and training." Additionally, Director of Machine & Facility Maintenance Thomas said, “This class opened up the eyes of many in our facility who haven’t been involved in maintenance. A complete clean of the machine inside and out is the best way to find issues and potential problems which lead to unplanned downtime and reduced quality and productivity. I now have trained personnel on all shifts who understand and support our efforts for preventive as well as predictive maintenance techniques.”

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