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Adams County Workforce & Business Center

Meet Brandon

Workforce Challenge

Twenty year old Brandon came to our office after applying for food assistance. He wanted to look for work, but disclosed that he was homeless and had spent several nights living in a tent. It had rained the previous night and he walked several miles in wet clothes to get to our building, sleeping at a bus stop while he waited for the offices to open.

Workforce Solution

I provided him with a list of food banks and agencies that serve hot meals and tried to find shelter for Brandon, but after making several calls to shelters in our county, staff was told by each that they don't serve people without children. The closest shelter to serve him was in Denver. I asked a staff member for other ideas to help. She referred me to a staff member from TANF. I contacted that person and she and another staff person assisted with a bus pass for one month, a hotel voucher, and an application for a free phone.

Outcomes & Benefits

Brandon now has some resources for food and shelter as well as transportation and a phone for his job search. With the bus pass, he can get to Denver Rescue mission for shelter and attend his food assistance orientation so that his benefits can continue. He will also be able to use the bus pass in his job search.

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