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Meet Susanna

Workforce Challenge

Susanna was laid off from her teaching position and had been unable to find new employment.

Workforce Solution

Susanna had been wanting to produce a documentary about the extraordinary history of her neighborhood, hoping it would inspire community action around more safe local neighborhoods. Because she had no experience or knowledge about how to generate funding for such a project, she became interested in and enrolled in the online Grant Writing Program with a local university extension. Once the course concluded, Susanna found others who shared her interest in this documentary which emboldened her to start her own production company in order to produce the film.

Outcomes & Benefits

Susanna reached back out to her local worksource center to find grant writers for her project. Center staff introduced her to a job seeker who had also completed the online Grant Writing course funded by the National Emergency Grant . With additional financial assistance through On The Job Training. funds, Susanna was able to hire this job seeker as a grant writer for her project. In addition, Susanna secured employment with the Neighborhood Connections Office of her local city.

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