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Larimer County Workforce Center

Meet Paul

Workforce Challenge

After being laid off in October 2009 from his job as a research chemist, Paul had assistance from several Workforce Center counselors and attended many workshops. He qualified for job training and was able to go back to school. Despite three years of job search efforts, Paul had only had one phone interview and one on-site interview, neither of which led to a job offer. He was about to accept being prematurely retired when Nancy from Larimer County Workforce Center contacted him to introduce herself as his new job counselor.

Workforce Solution

"After a few weeks of assessing my job hunting skills and coaching me on how to locate potential employers, Nancy decided that I should apply for a Workforce Center internship to give me a better crack at positions for chemists," said Paul. "I had submitted applications for numerous openings over the past couple of years to a local employer without the slightest hint of interest on their part. I even applied for their internship positions while I was attending CSU and met with their representatives through the CSU career center. It seemed to me that the situation was completely hopeless." Workforce Center staff contacted the employer to help Paul become selected for the internship.

Outcomes & Benefits

During his internship, Paul applied for open positions at the company. He visited the HR manager at the site to find out when interviewing would start for a position he'd applied for. "During that conversation, I learned that [the workforce center] had been working behind the scenes to get the employer to come to a decision as to whether I was a suitable candidate for employment," said Paul.

Less than a week later, Paul was called into his supervisor's office and offered a full time regular position! Paul said, "I would have given up on my job search had it not been for Nancy and Leah."

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