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City and County of Denver / Office of Economic Dev

Meet Shar

Workforce Challenge

One youth who participated in an intensive workshop at the Denver workforce center was quite frustrated with her situation. Shar owes restitution and wanted to make an effort to get that debt paid off. However, she was restricted from getting her driver's license or state-issued ID until she paid the restitution. This challenge was compounded by the fact that she needed a photo ID to get a job. She was even more frustrated when she was told that she needed an ID to get enrolled into the Common Characteristic to Female Ex-Offenders program.

Workforce Solution

The workforce center staff took time to listen to Shar's dilemma and worked out a different documentation solution. Shar was reassured that she would be able to get a job. However, the exceptional part of this story is that Shar did not give up and did her part by getting the substitute required papers. She was very proud to be able to get a job and to be able get her life back on track.

Outcomes & Benefits

The day before she started her new position, Shar called and thanked the workforce center staff. The fact that she has a job is a win for everyone. Shar is now working to pay her restitution, satisfying what's required of her by the State and by Department of Motor Vehicles. She is paying taxes and is a contributing member of society. Shar continues to work hard for her employer knowing that these funds are helping her pay her debt.

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