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Kansas Department of Commerce

Meet Thanh

Workforce Challenge

Thanh was laid off from a large aviation company after working there for 14 years. Thanh is an older worker and English is a second language for him. While he had a high school diploma, it is from another country. Thanh came to the does have a high school diploma but it is from another country.

Workforce Solution

At the workforce center, Thanh was enrolled in the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program which offers RTAA, a wage subsidy, for older workers. This subsidy helps bridge the gap between a higher rate of pay due to seniority at an old job, and the possibly lower rate of pay when a new job is started.

Outcomes & Benefits

Thanh obtained employment with another large aviation company, but as suspected, the wage was lower than his previous job. As a result, the RTAA program is assisting Thanh with a wage subsidy to cover this gap.

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