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Northwest Region - Rural Consortium

Meet Ken

Workforce Challenge

Ken began coming into the Steamboat Springs Workforce Center in early winter 2013. He was not confident with computers and seemed reluctant to use them to search for jobs and submit applications. Days passed with Ken spending more and more hours at the workforce center waiting and applying to any job opening that came up, and he was becoming increasingly stressed. After working more closely with him and asking questions, the workforce staff learned that his situation had worsened and he was now homeless and living in his car.

Workforce Solution

After the staff learned of these issues, assisting Ken with job searching and applying for positions became a top priority. Ken was embarrassed about his circumstances and reluctant to use the computers. He did not even wish to create an email address. With a lot of time, patience, and guidance, workforce staff assisted with getting an email address, developing a resume, and submitting online applications. One of the priority applications was for a job at the ski resort as it provided employee housing. Workforce staff helped him complete the online application and upload his resume. They also spoke with Human Resources at the resort regarding opportunities for Ken.

Outcomes & Benefits

Within a short time Ken was offered a seasonal job as a parking attendant at the ski resort. He was approved for the company employee housing program which helped him get on his feet and out of the cold. In February 2014, Ken returned to the workforce center, received a job referral for a granite countertop fabricator, applied, and landed the job. He is now working for the fabricator, where he earns more money, has stability, and is very happy with his job. He still regularly stops by the Workforce Center to thank staff for their help.

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