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Meet William

Workforce Challenge

William came to the Steamboat Springs Workforce Center as an unemployed certified surveyor. Having been laid off several times in the past two years and unable to find stable employment, he was applying to jobs and expanded his job search to include federal contract positions. William found that he did not possess the certification required to apply for those positions, but he did not have the financial ability to pay for the course and receive the certification.

Workforce Solution

William researched the required certification, Certified Federal Surveyor Program (CFedS) and the cost was approximately $1,400.00. He went to the Workforce Center to see if they could assist with the training. William qualified for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program and he was promptly enrolled. The workforce staff verified that the coursework was approved within the system and William enrolled in the CFedS course in August 2013. The course is very intensive and takes approximately 24 weeks to complete with a required exam to show competency.

Outcomes & Benefits

William passed the CFedS course and took the certification test in May 2014. In June he received notice that he passed the test and received the certification. He is now qualified to apply for surveying positions with the federal government and obtain federal surveying contracts. As a result of the certification, he and a partner have opened their own business. They were recently accepted as the surveyor for a new hospital that is receiving federal funding. Congratulations William!

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