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Meet Hunter

Workforce Challenge

Hunter was 19 years old and on summer break from studying economics at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. He came to the Edwards Workforce Center in early June to inquire about internship opportunities. He was challenged because he had gotten a late start looking for a summer internship. Many area internships were filled in April and May. Workforce staff recalled that Vail Valley Foundation had some internship opportunities that may not have been filled and used business services contacts to call the Foundation. A summer intern position was still available in Accounting/Finance.

Workforce Solution

Hunter was well dressed for job searching and was prepared to interview when appearing at the workforce center, so although the Foundation wanted interested parties to email a resume and letter of interest to the Foundation, Workforce staff encouraged Hunter to get a copy of his resume and go directly to the Foundation offices. Internships were going fast. The staff reviewed some job search and interview tips with Hunter before he left the office.

Outcomes & Benefits

Hunter went directly to the Vail Valley Foundation offices, introduced himself, and told human resources his interest and his abilities for the position. Less than a week later, Hunter received a call asking him to come in for a more formal interview, and the very next day, he received the call offering him the position. He began the internship on June 16. Hunter was thrilled with the opportunity and grateful for the assistance and pointers given by Edwards workforce staff. Congratulations Hunter!

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