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Meet Abigail

Workforce Challenge

Abigail is a junior at Red Canyons High School. Abigail has been involved with a non-profit youth program, Snowboard Outreach Society in Eagle County for several years but beyond cleaning a condo for a month (not the career choice for her), she did not have any real work history. She also wanted to assist her financially struggling, single-parent family during the summer school break.

Workforce Solution

Through a Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth presentation at the Eagle County location of Snowboard Outreach Society, Abigail met with the Frisco Workforce youth counselor. Abigail met the eligibility criteria for the WIA Youth program and was enrolled in the program. The Frisco Workforce youth counselor met with the Snowboard Outreach Society and helped to place Abigail in a subsidized employment position at the agency for the summer of 2013.

Outcomes & Benefits

Abigail and Snowboard Outreach Services received recognition at the Governor's Mansion in October 2013 as a successful youth participant and employer in the Governor's Summer Job Hunt Program. The work experience assisted Abigail, both financially and with the skills and knowledge that will enable her in making a great career choice. While part of the program, Abigail assisted with clerical needs and completed every task assigned with competence. She participated in meetings and provided an insightful youth perspective to the Society's programs and planning. Snowboard Outreach Society received willing and competent worker who appreciated the opportunity provided to her and Frisco Workforce benefited by furthering a successful and happy partnership. Abigail will graduate from high school soon and is considering colleges and applying for scholarships.

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