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Golden Sierra Job Training Agency

Meet Richard

Workforce Challenge

Richard was laid off from his job because his car kept breaking down and he missed 3 shifts. Company policy meant that Richard would be automatically fired, so his boss had to let him go, but he offered to give Richard a good reference. After working in the retail computer business for two years, Richard didn't know where to start. “College isn't for me," he said. However, he wanted a good job and good pay.

Workforce Solution

Richard came to the Golden Sierra Job Center for assistance with finding a job. He needed a flexible schedule that would allow him to share a car with his dad, who was also unemployed and looking for work, and his sister who was in school. Richard received funding to enroll in a self-paced training computer class to obtain A+ certification (a network certification). It was a real struggle to get through it, but he made it.

Outcomes & Benefits

“The funds I received for my training made all the difference because I could not have afforded them," said Richard. "Even though the school was well priced for what it offered, it didn’t offer loans or financial aid, and no one in my family had the money to help me either.” After completing his training, Richard had a marketable skill that helped him find a new job. He is now a full-time computer technician with PG&E.

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