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North dakota

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North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Meet Misty

Workforce Challenge

Misty has an auto-immune disorder that will likely require life-long medical treatment and ongoing medical expenses. Because of this, the idea of attending college seemed distant, as the tuition costs would be prohibitive. Misty's high school career counselor advised her to look into services from Vocational Rehabilitation to assist with educational and career planning. She followed the advice and has never looked back.

Workforce Solution

With VR’s assistance, Misty earned a degree from the University of Mary. She credits her VR counselor’s assistance with overall budget planning for giving her the confidence to manage the medical bills she will have for life.

“My VR counselor has been amazing! She’s been understanding and has helped me stay on track as far as preparing for my career. She was always in contact with me; she was interested in what I was doing; she made sure that my plans were always up to date and that I was always on a path that I enjoyed. She really did have a genuine interest in making sure that the career path I had chosen would be something I’d be happy with.”

When a marketing internship was posted at Walt Disney World Resorts, Misty was hesitant to apply. Although her major was in Communications/Public Relations, her VR counselor encouraged her to go for it because it would be a great experience. She got the job and moved to Florida.

The Disney experience helped Misty to realize that it isn’t a “small world after all” and that doing something the easy way doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way. Often there are innovative and creative ways to do things that end up with the best result. This philosophy fit perfectly with her interests and enthusiasm.

Outcomes & Benefits

After a time, Misty’s love for the Midwest brought her back to North Dakota. As a Marketing Specialist for Dickinson State University’s Storm Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, she promotes the southwest region of North Dakota to others.

Misty enjoys attending trade shows, taking photographs and designing and writing news releases. In addition to the creative aspects, she also appreciates the excellent benefits available through her job.

“I really get fulfillment, and it gives me another avenue to set goals and to pursue challenges that I might not otherwise have faced. I have also set higher standards for myself in my personal life because I have a professional career. It feels great to be in a job where you are really respected and that people are counting on you to do your best.”

She envisions a future that includes obtaining a Master’s Degree in Marketing and the possibility of teaching at a college level. She wants to inspire and encourage others to pursue their dreams, just as she was encouraged by her VR counselor.

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