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Golden Sierra WIB

Meet Lauren

Workforce Challenge

As an EMT Lauren knew she had the skills and the experience but she just couldn't land a job after being unemployed for a year. She went on interviews, but no one called be back. When she showed her resume to a prospective employer (her CPR Instructor), they told her "to ditch it" and to find the local career center. Lauren was surprised, since she thought she knew how to construct a resume and how to sell herself in an interview. Her lack of knowledge and success made her feel frustrated and depressed.

Workforce Solution

The friendly staff at the Golden Sierra Job Center helped Lauren feel that she was not alone and that she just needed some guidance and hard work to help her market herself professionally. Registering was easy and the resume and interview classes were interesting and helpful. Lauren needed structure and a more professional format to help her be successful in her job search.

Outcomes & Benefits

After four days of submitting her newly revised professional resume, she began receiving responses by email. During the second week, she had interviews scheduled and was hired after her very first interview for a position at a Care Facility. She also received a second interview for an EMT position with the Sacramento Kings and she is waiting to hear back from them. Both HR managers told her that they were impressed by her resume.

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