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Pacific Gateway Workforce

Meet Cherrel

Workforce Challenge

Cherrel had been a general education teacher for over seven years when she was laid off from the Los Angeles Unified School District due to budget cuts. Teaching was her passion and the only career she had ever considered. When her position was eliminated, she wondered, “Now what?” Cherrel came to Pacific Gateway WIB for assistance.

Workforce Solution

The WIB offered Cherrel financial assistance to earn a special education credential through California State University of Long Beach by taking accelerated classes. In addition, the WIB established a support/cohort group with other educators who were in similar circumstances.

"When this wonderful opportunity presented itself, I could not let it pass me by," said Cherrel. "With another credential, many doors would be opened and I would be able to teach students with learning and physical disabilities -- something I have always had a heart and a yearning to do."

Outcomes & Benefits

In April, Cherrel applied to another school district to teach students with special needs. In May, Cherrel received a preliminary special education credential. In June, she went on an interview and was offered a RSP (resource specialist) position within another district. Cherrel will start full time work in August, 2013. "I am and will always be grateful to the workforce board for making me a more marketable, educated, professional within my career," said Cherrel.

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