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Pacific Gateway Workforce

Meet Marlies

Workforce Challenge

Marlies had been teaching for four years, and due to budget uncertainty, had endured being laid off and rehired each year. The uncertainty was very difficult for her, so she decided after her fourth layoff that a change was necessary. She came to Pacific Gateway WIB for assistance.

Workforce Solution

Pacific Gateway WIB provide Marlies an opportunity to earn a credential in special education. The classes and books were paid for through the NEG grant. "Additionally, I was privileged to be in a cohort comprised of other educators with the same challenge of bring pink slipped as I experienced," shared Marlies.

Outcomes & Benefits

Marlies completed her course and earned her special education credential. She was offered a one-year contract in another school district to teach an upper grade special day class. "I am very grateful for the workforce board for being there to help me continue my career as an educator by giving me the opportunity to make myself more marketable during such difficult economic times," said Marlies.

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