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Greenville County Workforce Development

Meet Melvin

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Workforce Challenge

After 10 years of employment as a Medical Billing Clerk, Melvin became unemployed. He was scared,depressed and frustrated with the loss of his employment. He cashed in his 401K to manage his finances and filed for unemployment. He was concerned that his age would be a serious challenge. He aggressively began applying for many positions and received many rejection notices.
With all his experience he still lacked his Medical Coding Certificate & felt this was the reason for the rejection.

Workforce Solution

Melvin took the initiative to research and identify which health care employers value the WorkKeys® certificate and obtained a Silver level. He enrolled in the WIA/Adult Program for training and job seeker intensive services to obtain his goals. He had everything he needed except the Medical Coding Certification to make himself more marketable. He enrolled in the Medical Billing & Coding course at Greenville Tech. He also participated in the Preferred Employee Training (PETP) which restored his confidence and gave him a better understanding of job seeking, networking, resume structure, along with stronger interviewing skills. Melvin said that the training (PETP) he received contributed to better opportunities.

Outcomes & Benefits

Melvin had 6 interviews within two weeks after finishing his training. He interviewed at Greenville Health System for an Admissions position and although they hired someone else for that role, they asked him to apply for four other open positions. Melvin went in for a one-one interview and it turned into a peer interview. As of August 2013, Melvin is working in his new job.
Congratulations, Melvin!

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