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Meet Jenny

Workforce Challenge

Jenny and her husband relocated from New York to California. Jenny’s work experience was in the financial industry, but after failing to secure new employment in this field, her family fell behind in bills and her credit score dropped. This held her back even further, as it is imperative to have good credit in the financial industry. The family was living on Jenny's husband’s modest salary. Jenny was also pregnant when she came to SELACO WIB for assistance with a career change and finding employment.

Workforce Solution

Jenny's long term goal was to become a Registered Nurse; however, the training would take two years, and she needed a job immediately. Instead, Jenny was provided training for the Nursing Assistant career path - entry level in the nursing field. Jenny attended school and received her certificate. During this time, Jenny had her baby. Also, Jenny’s husband lost his job and he too was now unemployed. Jenny and her family had to move to another county because they could no longer afford the rent where they were living.

Outcomes & Benefits

Jenny was more determined than ever to find employment and was recently hired as a Nurse Assistant, earning an entry level wage of $14.00 per hour, more than most entry level positions in this field. Jenny thanked the SELACO WIB for the opportunity to receive training and help her family.

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