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Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas

Meet Shawn

Workforce Challenge

Shawn was recently released on parole and desired to change the path his life was headed. He wanted to work in the transportation industry, so he visited the Workforce Center to inquire about assistance with CDL training as he did not have income or savings to pay for training on his own.

Initially Workforce Center staff were concerned about Shawn's ex-offender background, since the transportation industry can be very difficult to enter with a criminal background.

Workforce Solution

The Workforce Center staff requested that Shawn do some extensive research by calling employers in the transportation industry to see if they were willing to hire individuals with a criminal history. Shawn returned to his workforce professional with the research he did along with an okay from his parole officer that he could pursue the training if approved by Workforce Center.

After complying with these initial requests, Shawn was able to continue on with approved training to get his CDL.

Outcomes & Benefits

Shawn completed the CDL training, and began his job search immediately. Shawn utilized to upload his resume so that potential employers could contact him if interested. Within a few weeks, he was contacted for an interview by a local employer. Shawn was upfront with them about his criminal background, but the employer was still willing to consider him for the position.

Shawn was contacted shortly after by the employer announcing that he would be hired on full time making $15 per hour. He is now gainfully employed in a new career.

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