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County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board

Meet Adela

Workforce Challenge

When Adela and her family moved back to California after a few years in Texas, she began to look for a work. Prior to the family’s move to Texas, she had worked as a human resources assistant, so she thought she could easily find another position. However, finding a new job did not come as easily as she had hoped.

Workforce Solution

Adela came into the Employment Resource Center (ERC) often and actively used the online job board, receiving several job referrals. She constantly applied for jobs, but to no avail.

Although Adela had used several of the job search tools at the ERC and attended several workshops, she was still having trouble securing employment. Because she had taken a few years off work, her counselor suggested she enroll in skills training. The training would enhance her employability by refreshing her skills and providing her with new training and skills while she continued her search.

Outcomes & Benefits

Adela began her training, and before she completed the course, she was hired as a Human Resource Assistant, earning a great wage. Although she began her job right away, she was able to arrange it with the school to finish her skills training. Congratulations, Adela!

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