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Golden Sierra WIB

Meet Moses

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Workforce Challenge

The summer after his senior year of high school Moses had a misdemeanor for vandalism and was about to become a father. At the same time, his own father was released from prison after a 10 year sentence. Moses tried to prepare for his baby by doing construction jobs with his father. They rented a place to live and bought a truck when his father had to go back to jail for failing a drug test. Moses was crushed, and the jobs his father organized quickly dried up. Moses was back at square one.

Workforce Solution

Moses enrolled in the youth program and agreed to complete his community service hours. Youth program resources paid the tuition for an office assistant certificate program. Moses learned how to write a resume and answer questions in an interview. He also receive help with interview clothes, bus passes and a paid internship with a small local employer who was willing to work with his background. The company makes tee shirts, designs logos and websites, and works with all forms of social media and marketing. The employer took a chance and agreed to take him on board.

Outcomes & Benefits

Moses is a success at his work site! He interviewed well. His new office assistant skills helped him become the 'all around' employee needed in a small business where everyone does a bit of everything. The bus passes ensured that he could get to work. Moses is an active co-parent to his daughter. He also volunteers to teach hip-hop to youth at the community center. What did he like most about the youth program? The chance at a better life created by hard work, education and people who believe in you.

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