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Merced County Department of Workforce Investment

Meet Arthur

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Workforce Challenge

Arthur was enrolled in a Radiology Technology program, but it was a struggle to manage school expenses while enrolled in school and working only part time. In addition, he knew that after graduation, he'd be competing with many other graduates applying for the same positions, and he'd also have to come up with the money for state licensing and uniforms. Money was getting tighter and he was considering a second job, but it would mean dropping out of school. He was referred to Worknet through the Allied Health Department.

Workforce Solution

Worknet was able to help financially with books, transportation, and uniforms which allowed him to concentrate on his academics instead of looking for a second job. Arthur's Career Coach helped him develop his resume by including his awards from school, listing the high grades and evaluations he received. By including more of his accomplishments and skills, his resume would stand out from the others. The Career Coach helped him with technology and networking skills needed for job searching, and helped him stay motivated by encouraging him to keep going.

Outcomes & Benefits

Arthur was hired by Lodi Memorial Hospital and is actually working three positions (Radiology Technician, Ward Clerk and Monitor Technician). His continued goal is to work in Nuclear Medicine with cancer patients and positron emission tomography. Arthur said “even though the goal of Worknet is the short term goal of getting a job, the long term goal is to provide a better quality of life through a rewarding career. I am very happy and enjoying what I'm doing."

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