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Sutter County One Stop

Meet James

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Workforce Challenge

James Mitchiner came to the Sutter County One Stop in January 2011 seeking our assistance with retraining. After working for three years at a local company as a Senior Account Executive, James was laid off when the whole company closed down. Being the “go getter” that he is, James was diligent in his job search and he soon found a job as an escrow assistant. However, after about 3 months of employment, he was once again laid off. James had several interviews to work in loans and real estate; however, he was not able to secure employment due to not possessing the required certifications to work in the field.

Workforce Solution

James came to the Sutter County One Stop to seek Work Force Investment (WIA) funds to assist him with the expense of online Mortgage Loan Originator and Real Estate courses through Allied Business Schools. James was able to show us there is a demand for Mortgage Loan Originators, as people are refinancing their homes. WIA assisted him with the costs of his training.

Outcomes & Benefits

James completed the training, passed his state exam and obtained his license. He also found a job right away. He is now employed for a local employer as a Community Banker—Loan Officer. Congratulations, James!

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