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Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas

Meet Maggie

Workforce Challenge

Maggie had been laid off from her job with an aircraft manufacturer. When she came into the Wichita Workforce Center, she had been working part-time at a department store and she had finished one semester toward her associate's degree as an occupational therapy assistant. Besides the cost of tuition, Maggie also needed to pay for licensure exams, and her required internship would cause her to need to temporarily relocate out of the area.

Workforce Solution

With help from the Workforce Alliance, Maggie received tuition assistance to cover the entire cost of tuition for her program. Fuel assistance was provided so that she relocate to Pueblo, Colorado for part of her internship. The second half of her internship was an half-hour drive outside of Wichita, and fuel assistance was also provided for this. Once Maggie's program was complete, the Workforce Alliance paid for her licensure exams so that she could quickly transition into the workforce.

Outcomes & Benefits

The assistance provided by the Workforce Alliance cleared the obstacles that could have prevented Maggie from advancing beyond her part-time retail position. She easily found work as an occupational therapy assistant and began a new career in the healthcare industry. In a time of instability, unemployment, and disabling debt, the Workforce Alliance empowered Maggie to pursue her dream of a fulfilling career.

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