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Meet Patricia

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Workforce Challenge

Patricia had 27 years invested with a local company as a billing administrator and customer service worker when the Greenville location closed its doors. Patricia lives on her own and had no other source of income. It was very difficult to pay for her COBRA health insurance payments on top of all the other necessities of life. As an over-40 worker, Patricia was concerned about finding a new job in an employer's market.

Workforce Solution

Patricia registered as a Dislocated Worker with WIA and began her training as a Physician Health Information Technician (PHIT) at Greenville Technical College. Patricia completed her WIA training and participated in the Preferred Employee Training (PET) Program, which provided job search techniques, resume development and mock interviews to build her skills.

On the last day of the PET program, Patricia was called for an interview for an administrative position in a medical practice. Although she had not interviewed for 20+ years, she felt prepared; her training and WorkKeys certification boosted her confidence.

Outcomes & Benefits

After the interview, the office manager invited her to return the next day to job shadow in the position and observe the work that was required in the job.

After observing a short time Patricia began performing the job duties, and ended up staying the entire day. At the end of the day, she received a call from the Human Resource Manager whom offered her a position with St. Francis in the Easley Family Practice. Patricia feels she made good choices in her training options and enjoys her work. She appreciated the support and direction from her Case Manager and instructors. She feels she is now current in knowledge at many levels from “How to find a job in today’s market” to updated training and best practices in the work place. Patricia truly values what she has learned. She has even made some close friends along the way who are now also working at St. Francis.

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