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Workforce Challenge

"In April 2010, after 19 years with one company, I found myself unemployed. McHenry County Workforce Center helped prepare me for re-entering the job hunting market. A counselor showed me some valuable job searching skills, and I learned how to register for other job sites from my home computer. The counselor suggested that we keep a detailed notebook for jobs and their results; I think this was one of the best pieces of advice they gave me!"

Workforce Solution

"After researching and applying for many jobs for 8 months, I was able obtain a temp position. Because the pay was below what I had been making prior to being on unemployment, my new Trade counselor helped me apply for and receive RTAA. This helped my family meet our financial needs!"

"I was downsized 4 months later, without notice, and was once again unemployed. I was then offered another job on a permanent basis elsewhere, but with a much lower pay and position. I had actually applied and interviewed for this job 4 months prior. A lot of people thought I was NUTS to accept such a low paying job and position, but I really needed a job that offered some security and most important some medical benefits! Once again, RTAA helped."

Outcomes & Benefits

"After 6 months, a new position opened up. The new job just happened to be in the field I was released from after 19 years of employment. It took 2 months, but I was offered the job with both a promotion to the office and a substantial raise to go with my previous knowledge and experience in company payrolls. I now earn just less than I was making when I lost my job in 2010."

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