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The recession drastically affected Frank's family. After 30 years as a self-employed contractor, Frank found himself unable to support his wife and children. Though he was originally from New Jersey, he moved his family to Florida in 2007 seeking year-round work. The recession and a tough divorce, combined with the lack of work, made things even worse. In 2011, Frank returned to New Jersey alone to try to pull himself together.

Workforce Solution

Frank recognized he couldn’t be a good father from a distance. His children, 13 and 16 years old, needed their father and he decided he would do whatever it took to be there for them. In January, 2012, he returned to Florida and turned to Workforce Solutions. He knew about workforce development programs from having volunteered throughout the years he was an employer in New Jersey.

At Workforce Solutions, Frank worked closely with Martin County Workshop Instructor Scott Roewer or ‘Scotty’, as Frank calls him. Roewer assisted Frank in revising his resume and offered support and networking opportunities, which Frank found to be very valuable. Frank used all of the resources at his disposal to try to find a new job.

Outcomes & Benefits

Frank found his job through a newspaper ad. The ad for the position said he needed to apply in person, so Frank, who did not own a car, rode his bicycle to apply for the position. After the interview, Frank was hired for a full-time position. Now, he’s been working at this position just over a month riding his bicycle 12 miles each way, 5 days a week for a total of over 120 miles per week. He is so grateful to be working. Frank is looking forward to moving into his own place where his children can visit him.

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