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Meet Thomas

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Workforce Challenge

Thomas was employed as a "weaver" in the textile industry. When the business closed, he had limited opportunities for employment in the same field. In addition, he did not have a high school diploma; he had a criminal history from many years ago, and he owed money in back child support. The temporary jobs he was able to take on brought little income and did not expand to full time opportunities.

Workforce Solution

Because of his barriers to employment, Thomas registered for WIA Intensive Case Management. His WIA Intensive case manager immediately created a marketable resume, helped him establish an e-mail account, and provided direction in his job search. Thomas met with his case manager for help in filing on-line applications. Together they discussed job search strategies and techniques. Thomas was always prepared and did everything that he was asked to do. When he came to his appointments, he followed-up regularly and submitted several applications. Thomas entered GED classes and continued to search for work.

Outcomes & Benefits

Thomas applied for a position with C&S Wholesale and was interviewed for 2 different opportunities. Although he was interviewed for part time work, he was offered a full-time Porter position with benefits. With his new income, Thomase was able to work towards paying down his back child support. Thomas is still working towards his GED with Greenville Literacy. Congratulations Thomas on your diligent efforts and true perseverance!

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