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Transitional Jobs at Work

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Workforce Challenge

Eco-Latch Systems, LLC, and McClure Wood Finishing are two small, start-up companies housed in the Jefferson Business Development Center in Jefferson, Wisconsin. As new businesses, they were both looking for a way to expand their operations while maintaining the low overhead that is vital to the success of a small business. Both were hesitant to take on the financial and legal risk of hiring a full-time employee.

Workforce Solution

The two businesses teamed up to work with a participant in the Transitional Jobs program in order to expand their operations with minimal risk. The Transitional Jobs program places eligible participants in a participating worksite for a full-time position for up to six months so the participants can gain work experience and build their résumé.

Because the Transitional Jobs program recruits, screens, and subsidizes the wages for participants, businesses that serve as a worksite are able to gain an additional staff member with little financial risk.

The two companies shared a Transitional Jobs worker on a part-time basis, allowing each business to expand operations.

Outcomes & Benefits

Eco-Latch Systems, LLC and McClure Wood Finishing are extremely grateful for the extra manpower that their Transitional Jobs participant has given them. Both companies have noted cost-effective increases in production.

In addition to expanding their operations, the two companies are also giving a Transitional Jobs participant the opportunity to re-enter the workforce and train for new job skills.

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