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Meet Mary

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Workforce Challenge

Mary had received a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2006 but found the mental health counseling jobs and wages inadequate pay living expenses while meeting her student loan obligations. She obtained a scholarship from a local hospital to take first-year classes in a Rogue Community College Registered Nursing program. The local hospital could not continue her scholarship in year two due to budget cut backs. Mary was in a dire situation without the resources to complete her two-year RN program.

Workforce Solution

Mary came to her local One Stop Center and was considered for tuition assistance. The WIA Program Operator, The Job Council, approved one year of tuition assistance for Mary and she graduated with a 3.9 GPA. Upon her graduation she was hired as a cardiac nurse at the local hospital that granted her first-year nursing scholarship.

Outcomes & Benefits

After working for a while as a cardiac nurse, Mary obtained a new job that was a perfect fit for her education and training at La Clinica del Valle. Her job combines nursing and counseling but she receives nursing-based wages and she is able to support herself and make her student loan re-payments. Mary is now self-sufficient and is thankful to The Job Council and the workforce One Stop Center for supporting her in her time of need. Without that help she could not have completed her second year of the RN program and qualified for the excellent job she has now.

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