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Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board

Klean Streak, Inc.

Workforce Challenge

Robert Whaley of Feasterville, PA has run a small, family-owned residential and commercial cleaning company called Klean Streak, Inc. with wife, Nancy, since 1992 and enjoyed a nice run of success.

But when the economy crashed a couple years go, it became harder for Whaley to stay afloat – the company has to rely on jobs with large apartment buildings, which typically pay too little for a small operation to do much more than break even.

Workforce Solution

Before he found out about Way to Work Philadelphia! in May, Whaley thought he might have to lay off a significant portion of his staff just to keep the company in the black. In the past, Whaley had used subsidized employees obtained via local EARN Centers. That program provided 50 percent subsidies for four months.

Outcomes & Benefits

Thanks to Way to Work, however, not only has Whaley managed to keep Klean Streak running – he’s built his workforce up to the largest it’s ever been within its 18 years, at nearly 20 employees. He’s hired a dozen employees through the program, which offered 100 percent subsidies through Sept. 30. “They’re getting a job, and we’re getting a good employee,” Whaley said, lamenting that he might have to let go of a few of those employees when the program ends. Consider Whaley an unabashed fan of Way to Work Philadelphia!, which he described as a hassle-free program. He called for the program to continue beyond today, nothing that another year of Way to Work could strengthen his company enough that he could hire more of the subsidized workers into permanent positions, new business or otherwise.

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