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North carolina

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Northwest Piedmont Workforce Development Board

Meet Maurice

Workforce Challenge

Maurice was laid off from his job after 8 years of employment. Seven months later, he was still unemployed, and having applied online for numerous positions, Maurice knew it was time to find some help. He held an Associates Degree in electronics engineering but could find nothing in his field. He heard about the WIA program through a friend and decided to contact his local center and investigate a new career in culinary arts.

Workforce Solution

Fortunately, Maurice applied for WIA services at a time when funding was available and when there was a demand for trained workers in culinary arts. He enrolled at Guilford Technical College and immediately fell in love with the curriculum, as cooking had been a love of his since he was 13 years old. Maurice attended classes every day, commuting from Winston Salem to Jamestown. In the middle of his program, Maurice found a job with a company in Durham, NC. The job was Wednesday through Saturday, 7 p.m.-7 a.m. He attended classes by day and drove to Durham by night. The company knew he was in school and wanted to finish, so they worked with his schedule. Amid several hardships, Maurice continuously made the honor roll and became a star pupil in his field, meeting WIA requirements for continued funding.

Outcomes & Benefits

Today, Maurice says he owes his success to WIA. He came to the Workforce Center at a low moment in his life, and was able to turn it into a high point in his life. His advice to others is, "Don't let current situations beat you down. Get out there and search." Maurice will graduate in May and hopes to become a personal chef in an effort to "help people with special dietary needs" and expand later into catering. He invited several WIA workers to sample his cuisine when he was chef for the day. We "tasted" a promising future.

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