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Arkansas workforce Center

Meet Shelby

Workforce Challenge

Shelby was initially enrolled in the ARRA Summer Youth Program in 2009, after which she requested to continue in the year round WIA youth program. At the time of Shelby’s enrollment, she was 17 years old, an 11th grade high school dropout and an offender currently on probation. She needed to obtain her GED and find employment. Unfortunately, Shelby's assessment test scores were too low to qualify for Adult Education. She also needed tutoring.

Workforce Solution

Through the WIA Youth Program, Shelby received intensive services to prepare her for obtaining her GED. These included educational tutoring, basic skills literacy activities, study skills training, and exposure to post-secondary educational opportunities. Shelby was enrolled in work readiness/pre-employment skills training, and received employment opportunities through Work Experience.

In addition, Shelby was provided guidance and counseling, attended life skills workshops, and received training in decision making and leadership development. As needed, she also received transportation assistance.

Outcomes & Benefits

Shelby increased all of her basic literacy skills to much higher-functioning levels and was able to enroll in Adult Education, where she received her GED Certificate. Shelby’s pre-employment skills and Work Experience Training helped her develop a valuable employment history and references. She is currently attending college, taking her basic classes as well as business courses, and working at a job she secured on her own. Without the help of the WIA youth program, Shelby would have had a much more difficult path.

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