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Arkansas Workforce Center

Meet Ronnie

Workforce Challenge

Ronnie came to the Arkansas Workforce Center inquiring about the WIA youth program. He needed to find a job, but had been unable to do so. During the enrollment process, the workforce staff learned that Ronnie had a learning disability. His assessment test indicated that even though he'd graduated from high school, he was basic-skills deficient. After further discussions Ronnie was deemed eligible for the WIA program in May of 2009.

Workforce Solution

To help bring up his skill level and prepare him for the workforce, Ronnie was given educational tutoring, basic skills literacy activities, study skills training, and exposure to postsecondary educational opportunities. He was also placed in job readiness training and work readiness/pre-employment skills training. He was eligible for both summer employment opportunities and a work experience placement, so he was able to get some valuable real-life work experience to help him use his new skills.

Additionally, Ronnie was provided guidance and counseling, life skills workshops, career development assistance and leadership development opportunities, all through programs sponsored by the Workforce Center.

Outcomes & Benefits

After participating in these programs, Ronnie has increased all of his basic literacy skills to much higher functioning levels, making him basic skills efficient. Ronnie’s work experience provided him some work history and references. In the fall, Ronnie will attend college. He plans to major in Recreational Leadership - a field that will help him reach his career goals. Without the training and work experiences Ronnie received, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for him to be making plans for college. The Workforce Center wishes him the best.

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